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Why does someone need to aspire for a co-founder for his or her startup?

There are several reasons why someone might want to have a co-founder for their startup:

Overall, having a co-founder can provide support, expertise, and additional resources that can help a startup succeed. 

It's important to carefully consider the potential benefits and challenges of having a co-founder, and to choose someone who aligns with the vision and values of the company.

Do you want to become a co-founder in any of my startups? 

I had provided enough links in the profile page itself which contains transparently most of the information about the project, in the public domain; except crucial business secrets.

If you are connecting with me then it is my assumption: 



This will enable both of us to quantify mutually about our ethos, aspirations and synergies.


Just talking (before doing your due diligence) is like randomly procuring vegetables or groceries, the after effect of which we just don't bother; like what we have eaten the day before yesterday. 

But moving forward as cofounder; we have to align for at least a couple of decades.

To understand the significance of filling that form try to contemplate the following questions.

Still if we want to not follow the standard operating procedure; then it's perfectly okay

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